New Project update and Baby news

I’m excited to be in the final stages of my brand new CD. I’m in Nasvhille this week and recording my last song today! It is my hope that the CD will be available around November. I’m so excited about this project. It is a praise and worship driven album, which is something I’ve wanted to do for the longest time. I’ve still sprinkled in some goodies too, like Midnight Cry and Blessings, from Laura Story. I have had the oppurtunity to work with some of the greatest producers on this project, including, Ed Cash, the guys from Sonic Flood, and Jeff Nelson. Jeff produced my very first album, so it has been a lot of fun coming full circle and getting to work with him again. Subscribe to the blog so I can keep you updated on the release of this project.

Kellie and I are now in our 18th week of pregnancy. Well, Kellie is….but we are One in Christ… I can word it like that 🙂 We will be finding out if the baby is a boy/girl on Oct. 11th. We are very excited and will let you guys know as soon as we know. We haven’t decided how we are going to find out yet, so if you have good ideas….let me know in the comment section of this post! We have thought about having a party and bringing friends and family over and revealing it there, or just Kellie and I going out of a date and opening up a letter, that the doctor has written on, letting us know what the baby is. So, I look forward to some creative fun ways of finding out from you guys!

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