Nothing Says I Love You Like Five Pounds of Pancakes

Today, Kellie and I celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary.   My oh my, where has the time gone.  It seems like yesterday I was living in my apartment as a bachelor, admiring all the cool things I had hanging up on the wall.  Apparently, those things are not as cool as you think, once you get married.  Kellie swooped in and started moving things out left and right.  First thing she moved out was my room mate.  Not sure if I knew that was part of the deal, but I guess it’s necessary when you get married.  A lot of people at my concerts ask how Kellie and I met.  So, here’s the story.  After living in the ghetto for about 2 months, my room mates and I had gotten our cars broken in to about 3 times.  So, we kindly, but firmly, asked to be let out of our lease and move out due to safety concerns.  I now look back and see that the vandalism on my room mate, Scott’s, car was all part of God’s plan.  Thanks for taking one for the team Scott.  You shall receive a 25 inch chrome jeweled tire rim in heaven,  or something like that.   We moved out of that apartment and on to bigger and better things.  By better, I mean an apartment complex with a gate!  Upon arrival, we both noticed a couple of girls that were close  to our apartment.  Come to find out, they lived right above us.  My room mate immediately called dibs on the “tall one.”  So, as the months went by, he executed a series of bad pick up lines and jokes that led to him telling me, “I’ve had no luck, see if you can say something to her that would make her want to date me.”  So, Kellie and I went to lunch one afternoon and oddly enough, my room mate’s name didn’t come up..ha.  Oooops, my bad.  Kellie and I begin hanging out every day pretty much, since she was off for the Summer from college.  Our friendship grew and grew and before we knew it, we felt like best friends.  Eventually on Feb. 1st, 2008 I asked her to marry me.   We told her she was going to a bible study that night, and when she opened the doors to the sanctuary….I had a long row of fake rose petals leading her down the aisle (real rose petals were way too expensive, and I was already budgeting for the honeymoon.  Don’t judge me).  I mumbled a few things, that neither of us remember, and then proposed.  Was a lot of fun.  I had invited her whole family to drive down and surprise her. They, along with my family and some of our friends, got to see it all.

So, today you may be wondering what we did to celebrate.  Well, we ate the biggest pancakes I have ever seen at Ham and Eggs in Lewisville, TX.   It literally looked like we didn’t even eat them after we were done.   Luke thought he had won the food lottery.

I’m so grateful to be married to such an amazing woman.  She’s is an incredible mom, which has now added another level of love that I didn’t know I could have for her.  I can’t wait till next year, when we have another little baby with us to celebrate our 4th anniversary.  Although, I’ll probably still be full from today’s breakfast, and won’t be able to go and celebrate.

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  1. maxine vickers says:

    One of our grandsons was born in Lewisville..sweet story..Husband and I pray for a healthy pregnancy and baby.

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