Who are our heroes?

Last Friday morning, Kellie and I were watching the today show and saw that the special guest artist for the Summer Concert Series was Chris Brown.  In the history of the show, the Today Show has never seen a bigger crowd.  Almost 20,000 people showed up to cheer and be memorized by this singer.  It is so astounding to me how, we as a nation, can simply turn a blind eye towards unspeakable acts.  About 2 years ago, Chris Brown pleaded guilty for assaulting his girlfriend.  Here is the aftermath of his assault.

It seems as if people have forgotten about this and just turned him into an idol now.  Yes, if he has repented and come to the Lord and asked for forgiveness, then we should forgive him too. But, over the course of the last two years, he’s been in more scandels than I can count.  But, “Hey, he has catchy tunes….so let’s push all that aside.”  Is that how we really feel as a nation?

In Philippians 2, we learn about a man named Epaphroditus. A man who has left his home, his employment, his ministry, his church, his friends, to go and serve the Apostle Paul. A very sacrificial man. Paul refers to him as, “My fellow Soldier, my brother, my fellow worker, my fellow commander-in-chief.” He’s quite a remarkable man…unselfish, humble, sympathetic, compassionate, all of those things. He’s a servant, he’s courageous, he’s godly. He built a strong bond with Paul. He worked fairly alongside of him and did his share and he was a great soldier fighting the enemy. He had no empire,  no fame, no money and no popularity. He was a humble, behind-the-scenes guy who gambled with his life for the sake of somebody other than himself.   In Verse 29 we read, “Therefore…Paul says…receive him in the Lord with all joy and hold men like him in high regard.” Receive him in the Lord…receive him really as if he were the Lord.   And then “hold men like him in high regard”. Hold him in high regard, hold him as highly prized, would be another way to translate it. Hold him as a precious man…even best, an honored man…an honored man.  I encourage you to Read more of the story of Paul and Epaphroditus .  This is the kind of man we should pattern our heroes after.  Men of God.

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  1. Bev Maxwell says:

    Liking your blog so far 🙂 Came from Jon Acuff’s as requested 🙂 You have a low key style which I like. Congrats on baby 2… Loved what you had to say and how you said it re baby and heartbeat .. Very effective and surprised me with it’s depth. Just reading along.. And pow!! Agree about what you wrote re heroes and will check out Epahroditus again – thanks for the tip. Keep writing 🙂

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