It’s all in a heart beat. (Baby on the way!!)

Yesterday, my wife and I went to the doctor to confirm what we already knew……WE’RE PREGNANT!  Kellie is about 8 weeks along at this point.  Kellie’s mom is a twin, so there was still some anticipation as to whether she had 1 or 2 trouble makers in her belly.  The sonographer confirmed that we were only going to be blessed with 1 baby again.  Whewww.   Luke is excited too, kind of.  He was more interested in eating the mulch than finding out he was going to be a big brother, but we know he’s super excited.

Kellie and I were a little surprised about the pregnancy, but very excited.  I guess it’s normal, when surprised with a baby, to feel guilty that your current child will not get all the attention anymore.  But, we know that Luke will not remember being a single child and will grow up only knowing what it’s like to have a sibling.  So, that’s comforting and the guilt has passed (only felt guilty for about 3 minutes).  I make that point because, although we are very excited, the thought of being pregnant hadn’t really set in until we went to the doctor. We arrived, and felt like we were just there less than a year ago….Oh yeah….we WERE!!!!  We went through the same routines.  Kellie walked in weighed…..then I weighed (I like to know my pre-pregnancy weight too).  We sat in the room and listened to the nurse go over all the documents and procedures…blah blah.  We were both like..”.yeah yeah, we know all this already”….ha.  We were just sitting there not feeling too connected with the whole situation.  The only thing that was real to us at this point was that Kellie’s belly is starting to pop out a little bit.  They say in the 2nd pregnancy, that your belly starts to show quicker.  This was why we thought we might be having twins, but as I mentioned earlier, only one!  So, we did not know we’d be getting a sonogram the same day. Last time, we had to wait till 9 weeks. But, the sonogram lady was in the office and they went ahead and fit us in.   She went over her normal routine and checked the length, Kellie’s belly parts, and other sonogram-ish stuff.  Then, she said, you want to hear the heart beat?  What, heart beat?  Oh yeah, I forgot this little cute spec had already been shaped first inside, then out.  That it had already been formed in it’s mother’s womb. That it has been marvelously made! I forgot that, although we don’t know the baby, that God knows it inside and out, knows every bone in its body; knows how it was sculpted from nothing into something. All the stages of it’s life are spread out before it. The days of its life all prepared before its even lived one day.  So, yeah, let’s hear this heart beat. (Click for

Heart Beat of Baby 2)     

Wow, 152 beats of a hand made, hand woven miracle.  As we listened to this heart beat….Kellie and I both had tears in our eyes.  At this moment, it all started for us.  This is real, this is going to happen, and we can’t wait!  We won’t know the gender for 12 more weeks, but we do know that March the 3rd is the date! Wow, 7 months and 19 days.  Seems like a while, but as they say, it’ll be here faster than a heart beat.


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  1. Cole Younger says:

    Love hearing news like this!! My wife and I tried for over two years to get pregnant. It seemed like over that period of time everyone we know was having babies… you guys included in that group! Although we were very happy for everyone who was growing their families, we were so torn inside. We had prayed for God to give us a child over and over, then we prayed for God to give us the strength to get through the thought of not being able to have kids… and then we finally just fully gave that part of our life over to him and said “Lord whatever Your will… we are okay with that.” We are now in our 16th week of pregnancy, and unlike your Kellie, my Kelly IS growing a set of twins up in there! Not only did God bless us with one, but he he put two in there!!! I have to say it is A LOT overwhelming to think I am going from no kids to two kids in just a few short weeks. (January 5th is her due date, but more than likely she will have them the beginning of December)

    I was so confused when the Dr. asked me how well I could count when we had our first ultrasound at 8 weeks. I told her I could count just fine. She said “good! You will have no problem then counting how many babies you are looking at!” I didn’t get it until I processed the word “BABIES.”

    Anyway, thanks for sharing! Congrats to you guys and I hope that everything goes well for you in this pregnancy. My wife has been sick from day one. Hopefully that will be over for her soon.

    Take Care man,
    Cole Younger

  2. Mary Garrett says:

    Congratulations to your family. I know Marmar and Poppa
    Are on cloud nine. God bless your family and the beautiful
    Miracle that is taking place for all of you.

  3. Marilyn L says:

    Awesome….Congrats to all. God is good all of the time.

  4. Kim Jones says:

    That is great news Adam! Congrats to you all. 🙂 “Hand woven miracle” … now that is a song title if I’ve ever heard one!

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