Where was I on 9-11?

I’m pretty sure you’re going to see a ton of blogs, posts, and tv shows about “Where Were You on 9-11.”  So, I thought one more blog couldn’t hurt! It’s hard to believe that it has been 10 years ago since 9-11 happened. That day changed this country forever.  One thing that frustrates me is, no matter how many leaders we kill, no matter how many wars we win, those terrorists know that they forever changed the way we do things in America. It hurts knowing that they put a dent in our society that we can’t get back.  They’ll have their judgement one day though.  They’ll realize that all they were fighting for, made them lose everything.   They’ll have their day, and what a day it will be, when God judges those who hurt his people.

So, where was I that day?  I remember walking into a freshman math class at Stephen F. Austin State University.  I can still hear the guy sitting next to me talking to another guy saying, “Yeah, it just flew straight into the building this afternoon.”  I didn’t think much of it, although I was wondering what he was talking about.  As that class ended, I made my way to my next class which was in the music building.  There was a sign on the door that said, “Class is cancelled, go spend time with your friends and family.”  All I could think was, “Heck yeah, this is awesome!!”  Of course, still not knowing what had happened that day.  So, I made my way back to my 7X7 foot dorm room where my room mate was watching the TV.  He asked if I had heard about the planes crashing into the World Trade Centers.  I said, “Oh, I heard some guy say something about a plane crashing somewhere.”  He pointed to the screen and said that a 2nd plane had just hit another building and that all the news anchors were now aware that this was probably an attack.  They were throwing around names I had never heard before like, Al Queda, Osama Bin Laden, Taliban..etc.  Just think now how familiar those names are now.  It’s crazy.  So, here we are 10 years later.  Our world is so different now.  Wall street never seems to stabilize, air travel is ridiculous, and an uncertainty of what tomorrow holds looms over us everyday.  Fortunately, there is One who knows exactly what tomorrow holds.  He tells us “to not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” So, we take each day at a time.  Trusting that the Lord has a plan for all this.  That the pain we’ve endured for these 10 years has a meaning and that He will show us His path during our persecutions.  Trusting that he’ll show us His will throughout the wars.  Keep praying for our country.  Pray for it’s leaders to truly believe that we are one nation, under God.

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