Meet Our New Child

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted!  Things have been a little crazy around here.  Hopefully you’ve been able to keep up with my short status updates through my facebook! On 2-22-12 Kellie and I brought into the world, Micah Paul Williams.   Well, Kellie brought him in….but I helped cheer her on! She did such an amazing job.  She had told me it was her goal to only push once to have the baby.  I laughed and thought she was kind of kidding.  She wasn’t.  Although she didn’t do it in one push, she did it in 3!! You go girl…I mean…,way to go wife (in a more manly voice).  We didn’t expect Micah to be born until around March 2nd.  But, upon arriving for Kellie’s routine check up, we learned her blood pressure had gone up (like it had with Micah’s birth)  She was at the bottom of the high risk factor… 141/91.  I was excited!!  Let me explain.  Of course I wanted Kellie and the baby to be safe, but we were both ready to have Micah and knew that this probably was going to end up how it did with Luke….an early delivery.  If the doctor had not of felt comfortable about the baby and Kellie’s health, we FOR SURE wanted to wait as long as we needed to before having the baby.  But, I had to sing that weekend and Kellie had let me know, before we left, that if she didn’t go into labor on the way or wasn’t induced by the next morning, that I wouldn’t be leaving her that weekend.  So, I think the doctor was surprised when I let out a, “YES!!” when she said her blood pressure was high.   ANYWAY, she sent us down to labor and delivery to have Kellie monitored.   After several hours of monitoring Kellie’s blood pressure, it had returned to super human levels of 105/70.  We knew the doctor probably wouldn’t induce with those numbers and were both a little disappointed.   Again, we were super glad her BP had dropped…but once you get into that hospital room…you are kind of geared up for delivery. We were both ready to get that baby out of Kellie’s belly (hey…that rhymed)  As expected, the doctor told us that she couldn’t induce Kellie with those numbers and that we’d probably be going home in a couple of hours.  Since it was Luke’s bedtime, my mom met me at our home so I could put Luke to sleep.  After he was down, I headed back to the hospital to get Kellie.  Kellie called and told me that the nurse was unhappy with the decision since Kellie’s head had been hurting very badly for the past few days.  So, the doctor came back in and said she didn’t feel comfortable sending Kellie home with such a bad headache and didn’t want to cause a stroke or something since it could have been related to the blood pressure.  SO, operation delivery was back on.  I had to turn around and go home and get our over night bag (which, for the record, I had already suggested we bring in the first place.  But, that’s neither here nor there)
Kellie was induced at 7am the next morning and had Micah at 3:02pm.   He was 6 pounds and 14 ounces.  At his 2 week appointment, he weighed 8 pounds 1 oz.  The doctor asked what we were feeding him!!  Looks like we may have another big boy on our hands.   Kellie had always wanted a little snuggly baby, so I’m glad she got to experience that for a couple of weeks before he started training for football season.  We knew Luke would be big from  his big birth weight.  That was confirmed at his 18 month check up when the doctor told us to expect Luke to be over 6 foot 4 inches. So, I’m having to start lifting weights again to make sure I can always take him down if I need to.  Actually, I’m not lifting weights.  But, I practice throwing Luke in the air.  3 sets of 10.
Luke SEEMS to have adjusted pretty well to having a new baby in the home.  He had a weird look the first couple of days when he would come down in the morning and see Micah. Almost a look that was saying. “Oh…….soooo you’re still here?  Do you need me to call you a cab or something?”  But, now, every morning Luke wakes up saying “Baby Baby,” and is excited to get to see Micah first thing every morning.  He’s still a little jealous sometimes and wants Mommy to hold him, but he does great for the most part.  We really think he loves Micah, which is so cute.
Anyway, I took some pictures of Micah and Luke for their newborn and 18 month photos.  I wanted to share them with you guys! You can see more pics at my new photography page:  Hope you enjoy!

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6 Responses to Meet Our New Child

  1. Dave Eaves (HA-FBC) says:

    PTL & God bless you all!

  2. Hallelujah! whatta wonderful glorious blessing! awhhhhh….when do we get to hug Micah???
    all the blessings of Lord Jesus to you & Kellie & Luke & Micah 🙂
    we are so happy for you all ~ Jeff and Jenny

  3. Kim Jones says:

    What a little doll! Both of your boys are handsome little guys. Tell Kellie that you don’t hit the one push and done level until about #3 or 4. Taylor (our #3) was three pushes and I didn’t hit the jackpot of only one until Jordan (#4). LOL – she was in such a hurry, she beat the doctor but luckily, the nurses were great (and fast) and they caught her like wide receivers!

  4. Tery says:

    What gorgeous boys.

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